Are you looking for a bite registration log that can help you catch more at the right moments? BiteTracker is your solution. For every type of angler. With the BiteTracker app you can easily and quickly keep track of all your bites.

BeetTracker makes filling in a catch or a loss easy by asking you a few questions about your fishery beforehand, allowing you to make the most of BiteTracker's features afterwards.



Keeping a digital logbook of your catches should not involve extra work and should be and remain private. That is why we have made registering your bites as simple and safe as possible.

Simple & Fast

Registering a bite (catch or loss) is simple. BiteTracker tries to fill in as much as possible in advance. For example, we try to get the location of your phone or we extract it from the photo you add. We can also extract the date from your photo.

Do the bites follow quickly? Then you can add a bite which you can supplement with the data from your previous bite. Saves time again!

Safe & Private

All your catches are stored securely and are only viewable by you. We only use the data in your log to provide you with useful statistics.

In a future version you can share catches with your friends if you want. There, too, YOU decide what you want to share. This way you can show someone your catches, but you don't have to reveal where and with which bait you caught the fish.

Customized for you

When you log in for the first time, we ask you what type of angler you are. A carp angler registers different information than a pike angler or a white fisherman. BiteTracker takes this into account.

After we know what type of angler you are, BiteTracker will come with a preset of settings. You decide what you do or don't want to use and what you want to add. And you can change this at any time!


You can get started within a few clicks. Transfer your existing log to BiteTtracker. Or start tracking your future catches from today. We guarantee that you will learn some things!


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